Chinyere A. Akomor (Mrs.)                             
LLM, BL, Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management
Admitted To the Nigerian Bar 2000

•        Alumnus of the University of Ibadan .
•        Associate, Temple Chambers (Barristers & Solicitors, Abuja), January 2001 - September 2001.
•        Investigation & Surveillance Dept, NNPC (Lagos), October 2001 - May 2002.
•        Anidi & Ogbogbe, Barristers & Solicitors (Lagos), July 2002 - July 2003.
•        Managing Solicitor, Nwaogu-Azunna Chambers, November 2004 - November 2006.

ILS ATTORNEYS since November 2006

Mrs. Akomor is a dedicated solicitor who is well versed in commercial law practice.  She acts as Company
Secretary / Legal adviser to a number of small and medium sized businesses in Nigeria cutting across
various fields including Information Technology, Human Resources/Personnel Management, Construction,
Publishing and Manufacturing.  She is also actively involved in Foreign Direct Investment promotion in

Mrs. Akomor also advises client on Taxation, Immigration, Contract, regulatory compliance and Real Estate.

Practice Areas

Contract                                                                        Company & Commercial Law

Employment & Labor Law                                        Family Law

Government Regulations Compliance                  Gender Rights

Real Estate                                                                  Sports Law & Agency