LLB, BL.  
Admitted to the Nigerian Bar 2000.

•        Alumnus of the University of Ibadan.
•        Associate, G.O.K. Ajayi & Co (Barristers & Solicitors), October 2000 - March 2001.
•        Associate, Ajumogobia & Okeke, Barristers & Solicitors (Lagos, Port Harcourt), April 2001 - August 2005.
•        Partner, Femi Adegbite & Co (Port Harcourt), September 2005 - November 2006.

ILS ATTORNEYS since November 2006.

Mr. Akinwole is an aggressive litigator, with hands on litigation experience before the Federal Courts (Trial and
Appellate) and the State Courts (Trial) over a wide range of practice areas, and in several States in Nigeria.
Abayomi has litigated Administrative & Constitutional Law cases, Admiralty & Maritime Law Claims, Breach of
Contract claims, Debt recoveries, Employment and Labor Law claims, Environmental Damage Claims, Insurers
liability, Real Estate, oil Spill Compensations Claims, Personal Injury, and Workmen's Compensation Claims.

Mr. Akinwole also advises several clients in the Energy Sector, particularly Oil & Gas, concerning Financial
arrangements, Contract finance, Regulatory Compliance, and Strategic Alliances.

Recent instruction include securing a license to build a 200bpd refinery in Ghana, the recovery of approximately
US$700, 000 unsecured debt arising from a drilling rig Services Contract, action to set aside assessment and levy
of municipal taxes on corporate business in Port Harcourt, and actions to recover approximately N750, 000, 000.00
in outstanding loans due failed banks taken over by the

He is also versed in Family Law (Probate, Succession, Child Custody & Divorce).

Abayomi is married, and a father of 3.

Practice Areas

Administrative & Constitutional Law                       Admiralty & Maritime

Contract                                                                        Company & Commercial Law

Energy (Oil & Gas)                                                     Employment & Labor Law

Family Law                                                                  Insurance

Government Regulations Compliance                  Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Real Estate                                                                 Taxation