About Us
The Firm

Founded in 2006, Innovative Legal Solutions (ILS Attorneys) is run by 4 partners, each with a sound history and
proven track record of excellence and ability. Our Partners are:  

Abayomi Akinwole

Chinyere Akomor (nee Nwaogu)

Babatunde Oyefeso

Oladapo Ademola


ILS Attorneys has adopted as its watchword the concept of ‘KAIZEN’, the Japanese concept of consistently seeking

At ILS Attorneys We are committed to the continuous improvement of our service delivery to our clients. To this end,
We not only channel all our efforts towards the quick and effective actualization of our clients’ instructions, We also
strive for effective interface with our clients in order to attain ‘insider understanding’ of their business, enabling us to
have a unique perspective on the issues they are confronted with, and offer accurate and effective advice and service.

Our Business

ILS Attorneys is a full service law firm which renders a wide range of services to its diverse clientele from 3 offices in
the major commercial cities of Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos. Our clients do business over a wide range of
commercial activities, including Oil and Gas exploration and related issues, Banking and Finance, Insurance,
Software Development and Marketing, Customized Information Technology and Real Estate.

We represent clients before Federal and State Courts in the ascertainment of their rights and liabilities and offers
Arbitration, Meditation and Conciliation services in the resolution of disputes which may arise in the course of our
clients’ business. Our Geographical spread enable us render service effectively throughout Nigeria.

We also advise our clients and render opinions in respect of the state of the law (and how to comply with regulatory
requirements) relevant to our clients’ business interests. Our Strength is our ability to understand our clients
business and personal peculiarities and develop customised and innovative solutions in furtherance of their
objectives and interests.

Our Clients include:

Addax Petroleum Development (Nigeria) Ltd.
Ecobank Plc
Intercontinental Bank Plc
PlatinumHabib Bank Plc

We also act as special litigation counsel to a growing number of law firms all over Nigeria, in the capacity of Plaintiff
Counsel, or defence Counsel, as the case warrants.